GK INFORMATICS training program is designed to strengthen critical programming and engineering skills for embedded system development. Through this program, members will learn the critical skills to efficiently design safer, more reliable, and more secure devices in hands-on sessions taught by leading experts. Our training program was initiated with an aim to develop young engineering graduates and provide them an opportunity to start their careers with multinational companies.

The focus is on transforming graduates to job-ready professionals by building them to execute embedded software and testing skills on real-time projects. Our training program enables them to up-skill and become embedded professionals before starting career with multinational companies. We are dedicated to provide the best learning experience with 100% hands-on practical sessions.

Our training covers all aspects of developing reliable real-time embedded system including hardware and software. This certificate program looks at embedded systems engineering as a synergistic function between hardware and software device design and development. Participants learn the essential concepts of embedded systems development through a practical, hands-on approach.

    Upon completing this comprehensive training, members will:

  • ☛ Gain knowledge of embedded systems design and programming
  • ☛ Explore embedded systems design methods
  • ☛ Increase understanding of programmable logic design and analysis
  • ☛ Learn how to program an embedded device utilizing RT0S
  • ☛ Gain practical knowledge of how to use a real-time kernel
    • 1. Task scheduling
    • 2. Inter-task communications
    • 3. Task synchronization and
    • 4. Interrupt handlers
  • ☛ Learn how to write real-time systems software
  • ☛ Learn how to write device drivers